• whoareweWHO ARE WE?

    We, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, are a group of licenced tours Guides distribuated all over the geography of our beautifull And surprising country Spain. From the Atlántic Canary Islands (Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, Fuerteventura, El Hierro,…) to the Mediteranean Baleáric Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca/Mahón, Formentera) without of Course forgetting the Iberic Mainland in between: Spain with Highlights like Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Sevilla, Málaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Vigo,…

    Out of Experience we, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, all noticed that a big part of our guests/clients wanted a tour including «the same» but still with something different, extra or personal touch.

    Independent If you visit us with a cruiseship in Any of our Ports Or you stay in One of our beautifull hotels in One of our cities. We, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, can arrange a tailor made tour up to your demands And interests.

  • whereareweWHERE ARE WE?

    We, Spain prívate Tour Guides, are everywhere And no where but in the mean time all over. United we stand, each And One of us is in a different Town, Port or province but all over Spain.

    We, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, can be your tour guide Or even your Travel assistant. We can be there for a (half) day tour or to give you moré information for a longer stay. We can even organize a trip all over Spain just putting you in hands of our collegue(s) in the next stop.

    Our tours starts every day at 9:00 AM from the Port.

  • ForWhoFOR WHO?

    We, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, work of Course for local agencies, for agencies/companies from the rest of Spain (sometimes thanks to other collegues in the rest of Spain) And lately moré And moré direct for YOU. Our visitors without intermediants.

    We try to reply your Mail/request as Soon as possible (normally in máximum 24 hours) beside that we understand that you want a fast reply to your questions.

    Normally every guide from the área of your request Will reply to you directly but as we are a group And we know that One person that day is very Busy or out of the office or maybe on a day off, we try to help you And assist you And reply for our collegue.

  • WhyWHY?

    We, Spain prívate Tour Guides noticed that a lot of people wanted a moré personal tour but agencies Or cruiselines do not offer this posibility or only at exhaburant rates or costs.

    We, Spain Prívate Tour Guides, give premium service at a reasonable price. Normally we don’t charge our clients till the day of the tour for your security And to ensure us to be motivated And to offer you the Experience you where looking for And even beyond!

    One Thing we are all convinced here at Spain Prívate Tour Guides: we have a great And beautifull country that we LOVE to show you.



Tours in Spain are normally half day tours (of aprox. 4 hours) or full day tours (of aprox 8 hours), a full day tour can either be one long full day or a combination of two half day tours.

In small parties (depending of the persons in your party) we can try to offer a English speaking driver/guide, due to the size and national regulations and laws for groups, bigger parties or small groups we need a coach and then of course a guide.

We at Spain Private Tour Guides are convinced that a good Tour Guide is the end and the beginning of your tour, and necesary for a succesfull tour and a great experience.